Tour operator predictions for 2016 | The Insight Files |

U.S. travellers are concerned about terrorism but still want to visit emerging destinations on their next holiday, according to a poll conducted by the U.S. Tour Operators Association. Below are four takeaways on how tour operators expect consumers to travel next year:

  1. Boomers want to tour - tour operators polled said that more than half of their customers are baby boomers, while those 35 to 50 years old represent one-quarter of their customers.
  2. Terrorism concerns are real - Tour operators think that terrorism is the top threat to traveller confidence in the U.S. in 2016, with global financial stability and political instability seen as lesser threats to traveller confidence.
  3. Everyone wants to visit Cuba - Cuba was named as the top emerging destination among tour operators, followed by Myanmar, Iceland, Colombia, Ethiopia and Japan.
  4. Italy remains the top international tourism destination - For the fourth year in a row, Italy was the top destination for U.S. international travellers, followed by the U.K., China, France, South Africa, Peru and India.

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