The lessons from 2015 for travel agents | The Insight Files |

This article from roomsXML details the top five lessons for travel agents from 2015, touching on the economy, wholesalers vs. retailers and analytics. Among the trends:

  1. The Australian dollar is volatile, don't bank on it -  only buy when you can fix your rates. Booking variable rates will only hurt your bottom line.
  2. Wholesalers that retail will hurt you - the short-term gain is your long-term pain. If they are growing, ultimately, you are not.
  3. Change is the norm - don't resist the obvious, find ways to grow.
  4. Data is the new currency - the power of analytics is making gut feel irrelevant. However, data does not replace wisdom.
  5. Hotels and airlines want you out of the loop - continue working with those that support you.

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