The future of travel in 2020 | The Insight Files |

Skift has released a manifesto on the Future of Travel in 2020, a 25-page manifesto that brings together many of the themes the company has discussed over the past three years, and some lessons learned about the larger changes in consumer behaviour - especially digital habits - in addition to how these get reflected in travel. Some highlights include:

  1. The former sharing economy is moving up the chain and taking over the holiday rentals sector.
  2. From maps to mobile to wearables to photo, travel booking is becoming ever-present.
  3. Transactions are easier, discovery is faster and feedback is transparent.
  4. Planning, buying and undertaking travel will no longer be discrete parts to be put together.
  5. There is a new kind of traveller who is adept at all available online and mobile tool, using them to jump across all industry-defined silos.
  6. The most forward-thinking travel brands are delivering deeper experiences to travellers by focusing on inspiration, personalisation and a path toward self-discovery.
  7. The future of travel will be won by brands that understand the 4Ss of content: smart, sharp, surgical and strategic.
  8. For the first time since the European Renaissance, the locus of travel is moving eastward.
  9. The future of travel is "consumer in" instead of "silos out."
  10. The next great travel brand of the future will integrate ubiquity, efficiency, ease of use, connection and conversation in catering to the on-demand generation.

Click here to download the manifesto.