Tasmania #3 on AFAR's 2016 travel list | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

US-based travel magazine, AFAR, has compiled a list of the top ten travel destinations in 2016. Destinations on the magazine's radar fit certain criteria including better tourism infrastructure - a new hotel, a new direct flight, or a new cruise or train route - that makes it easier to visit; an event worth travelling for; strong value; or emerging cultural scenes. Making the list at number three includes Australia's own Tasmania - a destination tipped as 'heating up' amidst emerging tourism infrastructure and top hoteliers from around the world taking note. In 2016, the area will see new cruise lines and hiking trails, including the new Three Capes Track, a 28 mile hike that takes four days to hike and a new Tasmania cruise from Coral Expeditions. Find out which other destinations made the list.