Fickle Aussies harder to turn into loyal customers | The Insight Files |

According to the latest Roy Morgan Research, 4.23 million Australians 14+ (22%) visit one or more of airline websites in an average four weeks, including Qantas (2.73m), Jetstar (1.93m), Virgin Australia (1.87m) and Tiger (572,000). Despite all the flight comparison websites available, from 55% to 81% of these airline’s website visitors also compare directly with the alternatives. The research revealed visitors to the Qantas website are most loyal: 45% aren’t going to any of the other three airlines’ sites during the same four-week period as clicking on Qantas. 28% will check out one other airline’s website, 19% will also go to two of the other three, and the remaining 8% visit all four. Find out more.