What alternative travel is teaching mainstream brands about connections | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

The alternative travel industry has grown from once-small networks of travellers exchanging apartments and cars into a global movement. And it is having a seismic impact on major travel companies - both the kinds of experiences they provide and how they connect with customers. Business travellers and families are choosing apartments on Airbnb over urban hotels due to space, booking convenience and overall ambiance. Visitors are relying on on-demand ride apps like Uber and Lyft in place of taxis and public transportation. Foodies are passing on restaurants in favour of services like EatWith where they can join a local dinner party in someone's home or KitchenSurfing where a chef comes directly to their apartment rental. The method in which travellers research and select destinations has also changed dramatically. To keep up with the evolving needs of consumers, this article recommends:

  • Creating content that positions your brand as the entry point to a local, authentic experience.
  • Fostering relationships that give your customers unparalleled access.
  • Making discovery and transactions easy and actionable. 

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