Apple's next big thing will be virtual reality | The Insight Files |

A growing amount of evidence indicates that Apple is developing something with virtual reality technology. The dream: to immerse viewers in a totally computer generated world. Virtual reality has been a dream for futurists for decades, but the technology has never been good enough for it to take off. This article runs through the evidence of the latest changes implemented by Apple, including:

  1. Apple is staffing up.
  2. Apple has bought at least four start-ups which specialise in related technologies.
  3. Apple Stores have recently started selling a product that turns an iPhone into a virtual reality headset.
  4. Apple is suddenly a regular visitor to Stanford's virtual reality laboratory.
  5. Rumour has it that the iPhone 7 will include a new type of camera useful in augmented reality.
  6. Apple has filed patents in the space.
  7. When asked about it, CEO Tim Cook couldn't deny his interest.

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