Balancing the art and science of content marketing | The Insight Files |

If you could split marketing into two philosophies, one would entail the art of marketing while the other would entail the science of marketing. 
The art of marketing is all the right-brained creativity that goes into a marketing program. These marketers are focused on emotions, visuals, and telling stories. OmmWriter, Balsamiq, and Storyteller are some of the tools in their toolkit. Outside of using these tools, these marketers can be found trying their hand at design, practicing their copy skills, and reading Seth Godin. The science of marketing is the data and analytics side - the left-brained, logical side of marketing. These types of marketers love analytics, testing and measuring. You'll find these marketers deep into tools like KISSmetrics, Google Analytics, and their preferred A/B testing tool. If you've found yourself some who can combine both of these and do them exceptionally well, you've found yourself a great marketer. The key is striking a balance. Click here to learn more.

Via Brian Yanish -, massimo facchinetti, Soraia Ferreira, Ph.D.