The path to purchase of international association conference delegates | The Insight Files |

Tourism Australia has recently conducted new international research examining the path to purchase behaviour of potential international association conference delegates. This research helps us better understand the core decision-making of potential delegates and the best ways in which to reach and convince them to travel to international association events held in Australia. These research findings will assist Australian industry in delivering effective marketing activity  to ultimately deliver higher delegate numbers to association conferences held in Australia. Among the findings:


  • Australia is the world's favourite destination for business travel. Europe was listed as second, while the US came in third.
  • Australia also ranked first for scenery, sightseeing, and being a destination worth travelling to.
  • A balance of professional outcomes and strong destination appeal provide the ideal combination for delegates.
  • Ensuring delegates have access to high quality, informative content on conference websites can greatly enhance the decision to travel.
  • Destination appeal is judged on a broad range of factors, including the ability to extend the trip beyond the conference and having a range of activities to experience including food and wine, history, culture and iconic attractions.