Characteristics of the Australian tourist | The Insight Files |

The Allianz Global Assistance Group developed the #HelpMe Forums Observatory, which collated concerns of travellers since 2009 to paint a better picture of the typical Australian tourist. The #HelpMe study has found that using the Internet is an integral part of each stage of travel - from pre-planning, to during the trip, and post holidays as well - and used travellers' online forum discussions to work out how we travel. And results have shown that when it comes to travel, Australians spend more time worrying about avoiding problems and risks. To ensure they get the most from their trip, Australians ask more questions and investigate the best ways to avoid inconveniences ahead of their travels. Here are some of the characteristics of the Australian tourist that ensures they take full advantage of their holiday.

  1. They love to share photos and videos.
  2. They seek travel tips and recommendations.
  3. Technology is a fundamental component.
  4. Bucket-list locations.
  5. They happily travel alone.