Why Australians are the worst at taking holiday leave | The Insight Files | Scoop.it
Australians on average have more days of unused holiday leave compared with Americans and the British, according to a new global "vacation deprivation" report from online travel group Expedia. Many Australians did not take leave because they felt unable to plan it due to work commitments. Others said their employer did not let them take all of the leave they wanted and some stockpiled leave to take the next year. Furthermore, 11% of Australians took no annual leave last year. Some may have been among the 48% of Australians who believe they needed to be in a job at least a year before asking for annual leave, despite it accruing daily. Increasingly, the trend is toward short-haul trips including Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, the Gold Coast, Auckland and Singapore, with bookings growing at twice the rate for long-haul destinations.