Baidu and the changing face of destination marketing | The Insight Files |

Until recently, most destination marketing was done via traditional media. But the growth of travel has forced DMOs to come up with new ideas, says Baidu. Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and the fifth-largest website in the world, based on average daily visitors and page views. Until recently, destination marketing was done with traditional media: print, public transportation and television. But the continued growth of travel on a global scale has forced destination marketing organisations to come up with new ways to attract visitors. As consumers get smarter, their demands get more specific, and that makes attracting them to your city or region even harder. Another new trend for DMOs to address is that consumers are now engaging with travel information during their trip. Destination marketing in China is an endeavour of epic proportions with 1.25 billion mobile phone users - over 90% of the population - and over 850 million mobile internet users. Mobile will be the next disrupter in destination marketing. Tapping into that potential and continuing to integrate information and services with travellers' mobile devices is the key to taking the next step forward.