Aussies embrace 'au naturale' vibe on beach holidays | The Insight Files |

Expedia has released the findings from its annual Flip Flop report, which confirms Australia is one of the most relaxed, low maintenance nationalities in the world, when it comes to beach holiday habits. The global survey, which surveyed over 11,000 travellers from 24 countries around the world, found Australians spend 25% less getting beach ready than the global average. Aussie beachgoers spend an average of $62 getting prepped for their seaside escapes - $21 less than the global figure and well behind beachgoers from Mexico who spend $123, almost double the Australian spend. In favour of keeping things low key and relaxed on beach breaks, Aussies prioritise easy-going activities such as walking (56%), swimming (49%), watching the sunset/sunrise (33%), reading (28%) and people watching (28%). Find out more.