Relevance and trust paramount if consumers are to love travel brands | The Insight Files |

Over half of travellers would be happy for an airline or hotel to share their personal travel information if it improved a trip. That's one of the findings from a new report from Boxever that examines the role of suppliers and how they should consider personalisation and other data-driven elements behind a trip. The company has come up with a number of elements to consider following its survey of travellers:

  1. Relevant experiences and offers drive purchases.
  2. Comprehensive information and personalised marketing is a must.
  3. Travellers pick convenience over creepiness.

Boxever also found that the rise of low cost carriers has triggered a change in mindset in the modern traveller, with many happy to give up long standing ideas of what a flight should entail in return for a cheap ticket. Almost three-quarters would do away with an in-flight movie, magazine or music for a cheaper fare - with drinks, boarding priority, seat size, carry-on luggage also featuring on t he list. Some 8% even say they would happily stand on a flight in return for a cheap ticket. Find out more.