Using Snapchat for business in 2016 | The Insight Files |

Snapchat is a mobile phone photo-messaging app that allows users to take photos and short videos that remain viewable to recipients for approximately 10 seconds; after that, the 'snap' disappears into the dark tubes of the interwebs, never to be seen again. To expand its services, Snapchat has added live text, chat and video calls between contacts, which has helped increase use of the application among younger audiences -

  • Snapchat has roughly 26 million users in the United States.
  • 77% of college students use Snapchat daily.
  • 58% of college students would be likely to purchase a brand's product or service if they received a coupon on Snapchat.

This article highlights quick tips on how to get your business started with Snapchat, as part of your organisation's marketing strategy in 2016.