Scaling Up Social Media | The Insight Files |
A survey of senior marketers reveals three capabilities for building better online consumer relationships.

Burberry Group PLC has a rich heritage that would make many other companies envious. For more than 150 years, this luxury apparel company could credit its success to its instantly recognizable brand and timeless yet contemporary designs. But today a new defining element has come to the fore: branded digital and social media experiences. Just look at how dramatically Burberry has reimagined its fashion shows, once effectively off-limits to the brand’s many admirers. Today Burberry streams its shows to its fans on Facebook (12.8 million as of May 2012) and its audience on YouTube (13.3 million unique video views and about 35,000 subscribers to its channel as of May 2012). Partnering with Twitter, the company created the “Tweetwalk,” a real-time feed that showcases new designs just before they hit the runway. This gave Burberry’s Twitter followers (978,000 as of May 2012) unique “see it first” access. By leveraging these platforms, Burberry has turned its fashion shows into content-rich social experiences that engage millions of fans and interested consumers, rather than just a few industry insiders.

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