How the world's 30 best airline brands ranked with consumers this year | The Insight Files |

Skift has reviewed Brand Finance's 2015 Top 30 airline brands, and measured these airlines' performance on social and traditional media, to gauge their relationship building and the resonance of their message. By combining Brand Finance'sown rankings with each airline's rank based on followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook, followers on Instagram, subscribers on YouTube and Klout score, Skift has come up with a net ranking, revealing which airline ranked higher than another, and by how much. Two airline brands stood out among their peers for 2015, both making it to Tier 1 rankings: Emirates and Turkish Airlines. Emirates was first place in Brand Finance's rankings in 2014 and 2015. However, Turkish Airlines was in 14th spot; its shift up demonstrates how dramatically creative social campaigns can grow an airline's brand fan base. Find out more.