Capturing consumer clusters and how they might shape travel | The Insight Files |

Four have become six as Amadeus revisits its Traveller Tribes study, with the original published back in 2007. Things have definitely moved on and not only in technological advances but also in the economic and political landscape and in consumer behaviour. Today's six segments as laid out in Future Traveller Tribes 2030, i.e. those segments expected to shape travel going forward, are:

  1. Simplicity searchers - people who want ease and transparency in travel planning and are happy to hand over organisation to third parties.
  2. Cultural plurists - those willing to immerse themselves in the unfamiliar.
  3. Social capital seekers - see being well-travelled as a personal quality and exploit social media to inform their potential experiences and play them to their audiences.
  4. Reward hungers - travellers looking for a return on investment of how hard they work.
  5. Obligation meeters - best depicted by business travellers who have a purpose for being somewhere at a certain time but are still seeking out experiences.
  6. Ethical travellers - they might visit a place for environmental reasons or political beliefs.

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