Conversion channels for former hotel guests | The Insight Files |

A hotel will spend a lot of time marketing its properties to new customers, but an often overlooked segment for conversion is to communicate with and reconvert former guests. A poll by Cheapflights showed that 85% of surveyed travellers will holiday to the same place more than once before. Of 1,053 Americans polled, more than 37% of those polled said they visited the same attractions, with over 43% eating at the same restaurant on repeat visitors, one in five eating the same meal again and one in ten staying in the same hotel room. To break out of their travel ruts, one in five selected Australia or New Zealand as their ideal travel destination. This article lists give ideas businesses can use to 'break the ice' with past guests, and warm them up to repeat business:

  1. Real-world outreach - send them a small gift to remind them of your property.
  2. Email - start an email newsletter for your property to reach former guests. 
  3. Timely reminders - remind guests about your property when it's holiday time; your guests will likely go on vacation around the same time every year.
  4. Loyalty programs - provide club members or card holders with discounts to local tour guides, restaurants and venues. 
  5. Social media - respond to guest comments to humanise yourself and show that you're interested in them.

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