Country brand rankings – how do they compare? | The Insight Files |

Recently the results of two country brand rankings were released, with Australia ranking in the top ten markets on both indexes. GfK - an international research firm - measured 50 nations for its 2014 'Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index' while international branding firm FutureBrand assessed 75 countries for its 2014-15 'FutureBrand Country Brand Index.' The top 10 countries in each ranking are fairly similar despite the differing methodologies. GfK's NBI measures the image of 50 countries with respect to exports, governance, culture, people, tourism and immigration/investment. In comparison, Future Brand's CBI assesses 75 countries on associations of value system, quality of life, business potential, heritage/culture, tourism and products. GfK's NBI index involved conducting over 20,000 interviews in 20 countries whereas FutureBrand's CBI incorporated quantitative and qualitative data from 2530 opinion-formers and frequent international business or leisure travellers in 17 countries. Click here to view how various countries ranked on both indexes.