Are your customers millennials or just highly evolved? | The Insight Files |

In this Marketing mag article, Anjali Lai explores the nuanced picture of consumers beyond traditional demographic categories such as generation. The first step on a company's path to thriving in this environment is understanding customers accurately - specifically, identifying how consumer expectations are changing and how quickly. Forrester has analysed its years of consumer data and found that, globally, consumers are evolving in five important ways:


  1. Willingness to experiment.
  2. Self-efficacy.
  3. Digital/physical integration.
  4. Information savviness.
  5. Device usage.


These five key shifts explain changing consumption trends and lead to a sense of customer empowerment: consumers are willing to experiment, reliant on technology, inclined to integrate digital and physical experiences, able to handle large volumes of information and determined to create the best experiences for themselves. Find out more.