The 20 trends destinations need to understand to compete for tourists | The Insight Files |

Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) has collated 20 travel behavioural trends following its 100th annual conference in Las Vegas. The trends are based on the survey rankings of 65 tourism trends, completed by 327 Destination Marketing Organisations from 36 countries. Out of the top 20 trends, 13 relate to the adoption of technology, combined with social media and the implications of these on customer expectations. The top 5 trends are:

  1. Social media’s prominence in reaching the travel market (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo).
  2. Mobile platforms and apps becoming the primary engagement platform for travellers.
  3. Customers increasingly seeking a personalised travel experience.
  4. Smart technology (e.g., phones, bag tags, and cards) creating new opportunities for innovative new services and processes.
  5. Travellers demanding more information, control, interaction, and personalisation.