Why data breaches in travel can't be ignored | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

Today’s cyber-criminals are finding new and increasingly-sophisticated ways of stealing sensitive customer data from hotel websites, systems and mobile platforms. A security breach of a hotel's systems or that of its partners may lead to investigations, serious damage to their reputation and loss of consumer trust, to name but a few immediate consequences. More than 148 million travellers today use the Internet to make reservations for their hotels, tours and activities, totalling 57% of all travel reservations made each year. A significant 74% of travellers from the U.S. alone make use of credit cards while travelling, citing convenience, theft protection and easier tracking of purchases as the top reasons. According to data from payment systems industry information provider Nilson, credit card use in the U.S. will jump by 42% from 2012 to 2018, accounting for $180 billion in transactions. Click here to learn more.