Where is destination branding headed? | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

This article extracts the key highlights from a destination branding roundtable involving the latest from experts in both hemispheres and on three continents. Among the key trends discussed include the importance of travelling like a local, the impact of reality and dramatic TV shows on destination choice and expectations and the predictions of big data with respect to the future of place/destination/tourism branding. Topics raised include:

  • How do you defined destination branding?
  • What is the biggest challenge in destination branding today?
  • What is the biggest opportunity?
  • Has the empowered consumer taken away the ability of destination brands to self-define, to position themselves in the marketplace?
  • How can destinations shape brand experience when it must be delivered by a diverse community not under any central control?
  • How can destinations best leverage the power of social and content marketing?
  • What are the up and down sides of having movies, TV shows and other cultural forms depict your destination?
  • Big Data - what do you see as its biggest promise, and problems, currently for destinations?
  • What do you see as some of the most interesting recent innovations in destination branding and marketing?
  • Based on your current experience, what do you anticipate being the most impactful emerging trend related to your destination or those you work with?

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