Rethinking the visitor centre in the age of connected travellers | The Insight Files |

Visitor centres aren't as tech savvy as they should be, with travellers' desire for free Wi-Fi when they travel consistently ranking at the top of any survey - whether it be hotels, cruise ships, airlines or city streets. And travellers' desire to check-in with friends or share photos on social media while visiting attractions can  be stymied when no Wi-Fi networks pop up on their smartphones, requiring them to begrudgingly use their own data packages both at home and abroad. Wi-Fi is a rare commodity across the U.S. National Park system, with many of these parks being located in rural areas where mobile service, let alone Wi-Fi, is sparsely available, making apps less accessible if visitors cannot download them at an attraction. To compensate, the Service still relies heavily on its signature park rangers to field visitor questions and facilitate offline conversations about the parks. Find out more.