Five steps to better travel website performance | The Insight Files |

One of the best ways to improve on your bottom line is to improve the performance of your travel website - this means radically improving performance on mobile devices. Forrester Research is forecasting that mobile and tablet commerce will more than triple by 2018, going from $8 billion in travel and food services in 2013 to $28 billion in that category five years later. This was evidenced in 2014, when for the first time, people spent more time surfing the web on their phones and tablets versus laptops or desktops. 'Websites that load too slowly' was the top complaint in the latest survey by Forrester of what problems drive European and North American mobile users away from mobile websites. Understanding that problems with performance have an impact on your business' bottom line is the first step to better web application delivery. Click here for a framework on how this can be delivered.