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Today’s consumers want better choices - they're visiting up to 20 sites before making a booking in order to get a good experience with the best price. According to a study from the Hotel Asset Managers Association, third-party commissions rose at twice the rate of revenue from 2009-2012. Customer acquisition costs in the hotel industry are on average 15% to 25% of total revenue, more than four times the 3% to 6% seen in airlines and the 4% to 6% in car rentals. These statistics suggest that hotels are not providing the best prices and booking experiences for consumers. The fact that many consumers are leaving and booking elsewhere demonstrates what a huge opportunity this is for hotels. Consumers would be happy to book directly if given a reason. Brand.com websites and hotel booking engines have become a very homogenised experience, with consumers believing that the best prices can be found at third-party sites. Click here to learn more.