The size of the global travel industry in 2015 | The Insight Files |

The World Travel and Tourism Council, the leading travel and tourism business organisation in the world, has released its 2015 Economic Impact report which details the size of the global travel sector in 2015.

Among the report's findings include:

  • Travel and tourism's contribution to world GDP grew for the fifth consecutive year in 2014, rising to a total of 9.8% of world GDP (US$7.6 trillion).
  • The sector now supports 277 million people in employment - that's 1 in 11 jobs on the planet.
  • Travel and tourism's expansion in 2015 is forecast to continue at a stronger rate than last year, with forecasts over the next ten years also looking extremely favourable with predictable growth rate of 3.8% annually. 
  • The UK, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Montenegro will make noticeable moves up the global league for total travel and tourism GDP.

View infographics of the report's key findings here.