How elite travellers search and book differently to others | The Insight Files |

Elite travellers - those that take nine flights and have six hotel stays a year - make up 10% of the travel sector and behave online in an entirely different way to their travelling counterparts. Travel data specialist Adara has been examining the behaviour of this group of travellers to try and understand more about specific elements of the search and booking process. Among the company's findings:


  • Elite travellers begin planning some eight days before buying a flight and 32 days before the actual trip, compared to non-elite travellers who start their air ticket search six days out from purchase and 30 days ahead of departure.
  • Elite travellers conduct a higher number of flight searches (6.2) compared to non-elites (5.5), with a similar trend for hotels, with 5.6 for elites and 5.1 for non-elites.
  • In terms of accommodation and flight types, elite travellers are typically looking for luxury and business class, but will accept cheaper air tickets and mid-tier level hotels.


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