Who is the experiential traveller and what do they care about? | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

Experiential travellers are those with a desire to escape outdoors without the pressure of an unexpected interruption due to a connected device. Travel and outdoor marketing specialists MERCURYcsc surveyed a panel of more than 1,000 experience seekers to discover what a holiday means in today's connected world. It found that the experiential traveller takes on average, five leisure trips per year, and are well-educated risk takers who avoid homogenised experiences at all costs. Those surveyed are much more likely to take all of their annual leave; while 40% of Americans had unused leave last year, 72% of customers of travel and adventure brands managed to take all of their days. Travel marketers looking to appeal to the needs of this demographic should create their own strategies to appeal to this outdoor demographic's love/hate relationship with technology and connectivity while also promoting what makes a destination, tour or adventure so memorable for a getaway.