The independent Chinese tourist: travelling beyond the city lights | The Insight Files |

With Chinese New Year celebrations beginning this week, Australia’s tourism industry is seeing more and more Chinese visitors looking to explore. For many years, Chinese visitors to Australia generally travelled with group tours with set itineraries. With the introduction of more liberalised systems back in 2011, we have seen a steady growth in FIT travellers from China and those are the visitors who are the key to the success of our industry into the future. Chinese visitors are now seeking out specialised tours, individual experiences and wanting to get involved and explore - it is a sign of a market which is becoming more and more educated about what Australia has to offer outside of the major cities. "The Free Independent Traveller (FIT) is extremely important to the export tourism industry as they are higher yielding and more mobile, exploring the regions and really getting to know what Australia has to offer," ATEC Managing Director, Peter Shelley said. Find out more.