7 things that small travel providers need to do to compete | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

Can smaller travel agencies and OTAs compete against market giants? Here are 7 possible ways, from a Swiss travel entrepreneur.


  1. Be personal - travellers are humans and are more likely to trust other human beings over booking engines.
  2. Connect with hotel partners - most hoteliers would rather not deal with Expedia or Booking.com.
  3. Be communicative - small OTAs have the same policies as Booking.com and Expedia but this message needs to reach the target audience.
  4. Be trustable - include logos and affiliations, satisfied client reviews and rating, and talk about your history.
  5. Find alliances - Synergies can be achieved through customer services and IT companies.
  6. Personalise all automatic software - personalised messages can easily be created with chat software like Intercom.
  7. Find your niche - identify your forte and try to be the best in that slot.