6 charts showing global consumers' satisfaction with their leisure time | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

These charts from Skift show how leisure time satisfaction takes shape around the world, demonstrating that in some of the world's largest economies consumers are more satisfied than they are dissatisfied with the amount of leisure time they have for activities including travel.

  • Globally, 58% of respondents said they're completely or fairly satisfied with the amount of leisure time they have.
  • Older generations in China are slightly more satisfied with their leisure time than younger generations.
  • The U.S. actually has some of the highest levels of satisfaction for leisure time compared to other countries surveyed.
  • Comparatively, Brazil is among the countries where respondents reported feeling the least levels of satisfaction with leisure time. Russia's satisfaction levels are similar.
  • Respondents aged 60+ from the UK have the same satisfaction percentages as the US from that age group.