Tripadvisor targets Australia as a growth market | The Insight Files |

The world’s largest travel review website courts Australia to boost its traffic.


US publicly listed travel ratings site,, ranks Australia as one of its largest growth markets – with year-on-year growth of users up an average of 45 per cent and more than 900,000 unique web visitors – and plans to boost these numbers through new business partnerships and an updated advertising strategy.


Robin Ingle, Tripadvisor’s senior vice-president, advertising sales, is in Australia to meet new potential partners, such as online travel agencies and hotels, and for the company’s excellence awards. She told BRW the company already has up to 200 partnerships with hotels and online booking agents.


“From the beginning, Australia has always been a very important market for us,” says Ingle, who was the company’s eighth full-time employee 11 years ago. “We’ve had several meetings with online travel agents and hotels, and we’re hearing this is what the market really needs .. from a relationships point of view. We want to continue to expand and grow those relationships in Australia.”


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