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A new travel distribution start up, Hitlist, is targeting many segments across the inspiration, research and booking journey, but believes its 'sweet spot' is flexible travel. Hitlist targets leisure and business travellers who know where they want to go but are flexible on dates as customers as well as those tempted to travel by a good deal. Studies have shown that consumers visit an average of 32 websites before they complete a booking, with families taking an average of three weeks to book a holiday. The most difficult part of the process is finding attractive flights, and since this is where most people start their travel planning, it's also the area where an increase in conversion will have the greatest impact on the ecosystem. Hitlist aims to increase conversion by:

  • Making it easier to browse and evaluate options so consumers feel more confident that they're getting a good deal.
  • Logging users' preferences so that if prices drop in the future for a trip that interests them, the platform will let consumers know.

Hitlist's goal is to help people travel more and help vendors sell more by reducing current inefficiencies in the system, therefore breaking down the barriers that lead consumers to delay or defer a purchase decision.