The 10 most extraordinary hotel experiences | The Insight Files |

This Traveller article lists the 10 most extraordinary experiences from the world’s top resorts. These days, consumers have become more demanding. The world's top hoteliers are rising to the challenge. Whether it is a private cooking class in a jungle clearing, or landing a chopper atop a mountain to enjoy bubbles for breakfast, today's five-star properties offer guests a roster of memorable activities. Among the top properties include:

  • Best helicopter ride: Longitude 131 luxury tents, each with a front and centre view of Uluru, are the Red Centre's ultimate accommodation.
  • Best seafood experience: The Saffire Lodge in Tasmania's Freycinet Peninsula takes it up a notch, with dramatic architecture, fine food and wine, and a commitment to serious pampering.
  • Best hot tub: There is nowhere in Australia quite like El Questro - a 400,000-hectare wilderness park in the Kimberley, offering accommodation options ranging from bare bones camping to the five-star Homestead.