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Four new trends impacting upon APAC hoteliers

Four new trends impacting upon APAC hoteliers | The Insight Files |

Sabre has released another megatrends report, this time looking at what hotels can learn from consumer behaviour in the Asia-Pacific. It commissioned TrendWatching, a global consumer insights business to carry out the research. The report explains the trends reshaping the region and why hoteliers must adjust to a new reality. The trends include:


  1. Ubitech - the ever-greater pervasiveness of technology.
  2. Local love - the importance of local context.
  3. Betterment - the universal quest for self-improvement.
  4. Infolust - the need for relevant and actionable insights.  


Click here to download the report.

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TripAdvisor unveils global hotel report

TripAdvisor unveils global hotel report | The Insight Files |

TripAdvisor has teased out a few of the results from its new global TripBarometer report. The study is the result of a major poll among some 44,000 travellers and hoteliers (ratio of around 3:1) around the world. TripAdvisor has claimed that its hoteliers on the survey have cited online reputation management as a key investment area for the coming year. Top-line findings show 41% of travellers are likely to spend more on a trip during 2015, with just under one-quarter claiming they will spend less. Global room rates are expected to rise this year. Click here to download the report.

Panos Fotiadis's curator insight, March 27, 2015 4:52 AM

Good news for hoteliers!

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The hotel landscape in 2016

The hotel landscape in 2016 | The Insight Files |

From concept hotels to flexible check-outs, this article considers the new innovations to expect this year in the hotel industry. These include:

  1. Hotel restaurants get interesting - In 2016, many hotels are saying goodbye to cloches and cheese carts and turning the idea of a resident hotel restaurant on its head.
  2. Hotels go smart - 2015 saw Japan successfully pull off a hotel manned solely by robots. Hotels will continue in a techie vein this year, focusing on a smoother experience for guests.
  3. The year of the Palaces: It's not all about technological advances in 2016; it's also going to be about appreciating historic hotels too.
  4. More beds for millennials - As hotels continue to fight against the popularity of Airbnb, they are expanding their appeal to millennial travellers.
  5. Hotel group shake-ups - At the end of 2015, it was announced that Marriott and Starwood are merging to create what will be the world's largest hotel company. The newly created group will have more than 1.1 million hotel rooms worldwide.
  6. Wellness reaches new heights - Yoga retreats and lavish hotel spas are nothing new, but hotels are getting serious about their health offerings this year.

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