The future of Chinese travel | The Insight Files |

IHG has released a report detailing Chinese travel trends over the next decade. The report presents some interesting findings:

  • Annual arrivals from China will total nearly 97 million by 2023.
  • 88 million Chinese households will be able to travel overseas by 2023.
  • In the next decade, over 60 million Chinese households will cross the annual income threshold of $35,000, at which point international travel becomes more affordable.
  • Cities are the primary destinations for Chinese outbound travellers, with 85% heading for major cities around the world.
  • Nearly 95% of total Chinese outbound travel spending is received by major global cities.
  • Destinations with easier access, including simpler visa policies will gain most.

Three key trends in Chinese travel will emerge over the next decade:

  1. Chinese demand for long-haul travel will experience huge levels of growth.
  2. Chinese travellers will mix business with leisure.
  3. Chinese travellers will spend more during overseas trips.

Click here to download the report.