ITB Berlin predicts robust year for travel | The Insight Files |

As ITB Berlin 2015 closes its doors on this year’s trade show, it’s a strong global travel industry we’ve got to look forward to. Despite international crises and political conflict, economic prospects for the world's travel industry are on the rise, with a number of positives coming out of the biggest trade show in the business. An economy boosted by falling energy prices, reduced interest rates, low inflation and positive economic forecasts for the Europeans and North Americans were all items on the agenda, and they look strong. Expectations for 2015 are high as the travel season beckons, with Germany in particular boosting a strong set of consumers keen to travel. Wage increases and a consistently stable employment market coupled with the falling cost of living have significantly increased spending. More than ever, people are willing to spend their money on holidays, and the luxury travel segment in particular stands to benefit from this trend.