The new shopping experiences tourists expect from iconic destinations | The Insight Files |

Before even catching that first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty or Golden Gate Bridge, foreign tourists increasingly head to shopping malls or iconic stores where luxury brands grace the shelves. They're looking for deals and brands they may not have available back home and they're willing to generously spend to satisfy their wish lists, provided the exchange rate makes that a smart move. Many also want a local shopping experience that reflects the destination they're visiting. Feit, an Australian boutique store with locations in Sydney and New York City, has observed current tourist shopping trends since opening last November and during that time watched the dollar perhaps price some tourists out of otherwise buying their handmade leather footwear and other accessories. The store's products are special in that they're not produced en masse in a factory but rather in small batches and then shipped directly to the store to minimise environmental impact and ensure quality. Find out more.