Are travellers really using mobile to act on impulse? | The Insight Files |

Switchfly conducted a study among more than 2000 American adults aged 18+, of who 67% own and use a smartphone. The study found that among this demographic of smartphone users, 46% would book an impulse holiday based on a mobile alert/push notification. The 46% acting on impulse would book a trip if:

  • It's an amazing deal on a hotel and flight (31%)
  • It's perfect timing, they were already looking for a holiday (24%)
  • It's an all-inclusive deal (20%)
  • They have a group of friends willing to go with them (15%)
  • The destination is somewhere they have never been (14%)
  • They're feeling spontaneous (14%)

The study also found that 57% of respondents use their mobile phones to help plan a holiday - from researching destinations to booking flights and accommodation. Almost one-third use devices for destination research, while 27% use them to store boarding passes and other confirmation details and 18% use them for booking accommodation. Click here for more information.