Tours versus independent travel | The Insight Files |

There's been a quiet revolution in the way we travel. Tours now cater to those wanting unique experiences without the hassle, writes a converted Brian Johnston. Coach tours have changed over the last decade in the same way as cruising: more luxurious, more varied, and appealing to an increasingly wider range of people. As a result, passenger numbers are booming. This article lists eight reasons to try and convert those who might never have considered joining a coach tour:

  1. The people - friendships are made in the back of a coach.
  2. Spice of life - you might be surprised at some of the destinations and travel styles on offer by coach, including some being themed on food, wine, photography or jazz.
  3. Getting involved - contemporary coach tours place more emphasis on participation than observation.
  4. Upmarket forces - top-range coaches can cost most than $400,000 and have facilities to match.
  5. Money matters - big tour companies use their buying power to get special deals from airlines, hotels and service providers.
  6. Free wheeling - not having to drive.
  7. Independence days - you won't spend as much time on the coach as you might think.
  8. Flexi time - consider how much time you might save when you leave the organisation to someone else.