Small tourist destinations still struggle with big language barriers | The Insight Files |

As global tourism grows, many travellers are returning to their favourite destinations and seeking experiences outside the traditional tourism centres. As a result, cities from Los Angeles to Berlin are raising awareness of their diverse neighbourhoods and the cuisine and attractions available in each. Only a subway ride away from the Brandenburg Gates and Times Squares of the world, these neighbourhoods are equipped to handle tourism with trained employees and ample products. On the country level, however, the rise in repeat visitation results in an effort to get tourists out of cities all together and into lesser known regions that are often less equipped to accommodate the needs and expectations of foreign visitors. One of the most common barriers to becoming able to communicate is foreign language. Should small tourism businesses invest in multi-language staff and marketing materials in anticipation of tourism or wait to take action until it's proven that enough tourists will come to make the effort worth it? Find out more.