Top 10 airline rewards programs in the world | The Insight Files |

Airline loyalty programs are big business - they're not only a great way for travellers to earn every time they fly, but a top scheme for airlines to entice travellers. Over the last decade, the rewards model has completely evolved, so much so that loyal flyers can earn points in an out of the sky. In addition to earning and using points on flights, these days loyalty members can earn points while filing up petrol or shopping at their local grocery store. While other airlines have teamed up with some of their codeshare partners to allow local flyers to earn and redeem points across each others' networks. Now with so much competition among loyalty programs, IdeaWorks has released its 6th Switchfly Reward Seat availability survey, highlighting some of the best reward programs in the world. Australian airlines continue to prove their loyalty members are the most spoiled, with its Velocity Frequent Flyer ranked the top Asia Pacific Region program and 2nd in the world for Reward Availability. Qantas' Frequent Flyer program was named 9th best for Reward Availability worldwide. Find out more.