Australians find new places to travel in style | The Insight Files |

The Australian dollar isn't slowing luxury travellers down, with new statistics showing Australians adapt instead. has released its latest Hotel Price Index (HPI), which compares hotel prices paid in 2013 and 2014, with the results revealing where Australians are headed to for five-star luxury on a tighter budget. When it comes to luxury for less - under $250 a night - Europe and Asia took out the five hot spots in the affordable accommodation list. The five most affordable destinations for Australians still seeking luxury kicked off with Warsaw, Poland taking the crown followed by Mumbai, Bangkok, Delhi and Lisbon. Asian destinations continue to go head-to-head to offer the best value luxury hotel deals for Australian travellers, while a depreciating Euro is making Europe an even more attractive long-haul destination than ever before. Warsaw came in at an average of $147 per night for the average price paid in 2014, with the other end of the spectrum seeing places like Berlin, Istanbul, Beijing and Shanghai hovering around the $245 mark, proving luxury isn't quite out of reach for the humble Australian traveller.