Travel start-ups giving mapping a fresh perspective | The Insight Files |

More and more discovery is happening locally after travellers have arrived in their destinations. It is no longer enough to hand out printed maps - although these are still appreciated by many travellers - and hope that a static piece of paper will lead tourists to your door. Travellers want to know everything to expect in and around a place they are going and where they will be in relation to where they are going next. These five start-ups seek to put an increased and smarter sense of direction in travellers' hands that can provide them with inspiration and familiarity with an area they are visiting. Among the start-ups include:

  • STAPPZ helps travellers save photos of their trips and creates a map displaying where the photos were taken.
  • Orbitist enables tourism boards to embed content directly on their site that is interactive in the form of photo and video, helping mine important user-generated social media.
  • Citymaps is a site for travellers to search, save and share points of interest.