What travel brands need to know about Facebook's new updates | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

Facebook's developer team has unveiled a variety of features that will simultaneously affect users and travel brands at its recent annual conference. There are 25 products which will be rolling out in the coming weeks; this Skift article lists three key topics that will have a strong impact on travel brands: 

  1. Extending Live Chat to businesses on Messenger - the integration will provide airlines, hotels and booking sites the ability to manage customer inquiries in a direct message that is more timely and personalised.
  2. Supporting new video content and distribution - being able to embed videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook outside of the platform is a huge incentive for brands to publish more videos. 
  3. App integration and analytics - with the flow of information from one device to the next, Facebook's analytics for apps will provide a view into customer behaviour and attribution data to better personalise the apps and market them to the right people. Travel brands that enable its app users to login via Facebook can access this dashboard for free.