Millennial parents letting kids be holiday deciders | The Insight Files |

It's been well-documented that mum plays a dominating roll in deciding the family holiday destination but a new survey finds that parents -- particularly millennial parents in the U.S. - are increasingly letting their children pick the holiday spot. A YouGov survey of 2,813 kids (ages six to 18) and parents in the U.S., UK, France, Germany and Spain gave the kids the most sway. The tallies were U.S. (85%), UK (76%), France (86%), Germany (95%) and Spain (94%). But millennial parents are going to new lengths toward letting the children commandeer holiday decision-making. The survey found that 34% of U.S. millennial parents give their children the freedom to make the final decision on where to head for a holiday compared with just 8% of parents 55 years and older in the U.S. Going a step further, 19% of U.S. millennial parents are the most likely to give children full control of where to holiday with the family, compared with just 2% of parents 55 years and older.