Mobile trends to catch up with in 2016 | The Insight Files |

Mobile usage accounts for 60% of consumers’ time online, and that number is only going to continue to grow. This article lists the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities for mobile in 2016 - as discussed at NYC's Mobile Marketer's Mobile FirstLook event.

  1. The move from mobile to motility
  2. Mobile permeates the entire organisation
  3. Mobile is digital - a new era of mobile buying
  4. Mobile replaces the human
  5. Mobile-specific content

Today, 90% of the population has a connected device within arm's length at all times. This calls for a transformation in the mindset of marketers. As mobile is no longer just that phone we carry in our pockets and connected devices are now also part of the definition, marketers will be very focused on the rise of the quantified customer. Find out more.