The multi-device movement: Thais, Taiwanese and Aussies | The Insight Files |

In an exploration of multi-device usage around the world, Facebook IQ commissioned GfK to conduct a study of multi-device users around the world. GfK surveyed 1000 adults, aged 18-54 who use a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop at least once a week in three markets across the Asia Pacific: up-and-coming Thailand and well-established Australia and Taiwan. GfK saw near universal multi-device usage in each of the markets surveyed. Over 95% of people in each market use at least two devices and a third use three: a smartphone, a tablet and a desktop or laptop. Young people are leading the multi-device movement on mobile. GfK learnt that despite cultural differences, people in these markets have something big in common: an appreciation for their devices. Find out how brands can empower people in the Asia Pacific by telling personalised stories across screens.